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What are Social Security Benefits, When Do They Begin & How Do I Begin The Signup Process

The Social Security benefit is one of the widest benefit plans for every family and its members. Its goal is to provide care and look at their members and beneficiaries in time of need. It has reached and touched the lives of many families and members by providing them the assistance they need during the situations that they need help most.

Contrary to what other people think, Social Security is more than just a retirement plan. Although most of its beneficiaries are retirees and their family members, SSA is also designed to provide income, pensions, savings and investments – things that a retiree needs to have a comfortable life after working so hard for so many years.

Social Security Benefits and Financial Future

When you worked hard for more than half of your life, you would want to have a comfortable retirement with your families secured and financially stable.

The Social Security Administration wants to give you that dream. Apart from this, the SSA also extends the taxes you pay to pay benefits to the retirees, disabled individuals with low income, and survivors of workers who died and the dependents of the beneficiaries.

When you reach the retirement age of 61 and 9 months, you will also be able to enjoy the benefits of SSA.

SSA and the Seniors

As of today, the Social Security has 59 million beneficiaries who receive monthly Social Security benefits. This comes from 167 million work force that pay Social Security taxes. The unused money directly goes to the Social Security trust funds.

Who are Eligible for SSA Benefits

Depending on age and underlying circumstances, but anyone is eligible to be a member of Social Security. Actually,itoffers more benefits to children than any other government programs available today.

SSA is more than just a retirement program. It provides wide array of assistance to its eligible members and beneficiaries. Aside from retirement benefits, there are also other eligible members of SSA.


  • Disabled
  • The spouse and/or the child of someone who is a member of Social Security
  • The living spouse and children of a Social Security member worker who died
  • The living dependent parent of a Social Security member worker who died

How to Sign Up

You can sign up and complete your SSA application for Retirement, Spouse’s, Medicare or Disability Benefits through its official website. You need to go online and access their online application.

You can also personally visit your local Social Security office and fill up and application form. To get prioritize, you can call ahead and make a schedule before visiting the office.

It will save you a lot of time from line queue. Individuals living outside the country can visit the nearest SS office at the embassy or consulate.