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Understanding Medicare Part A Eligibility Requirements Explained & Updated March 2018

The Medicaid hospital insurance part A is usually available in three groups of the insured, disabled and people who have end stage renal disease.

When you are insured and you are over the age of 65, you are eligible for the benefits, if you have railroad retirement, social security, are a government employ, or you pay your monthly contributions at all times.

Aged Insured Individuals

  • Aged uninsured individual
  • Disabled individual
  • End stage renal disease
  • Aged insured individual

If you decide to continue working past the age of 65, you will still have all the benefits that come with Medicare insurance part A. however, you need to file an application and know the current rates that you need to be paying for this cover.

You need to undergone medical examination in order to identify any underlying diseases that you have, or terminal illness, in order to know the amount for contribution.

If you have an active premium account contribution, you have the chance of enjoying all maximum benefits of your cover in case of illness, or in need of medical care, and drugs.

Aged Uninsured Individual

People who are above the age of 65 but not insured but can purchase part A, through filling the application form at the social office, can get the cover.

They will only need to pay the monthly premium. You can end the monthly payment and this means you shall not have any rights to receive cover. You will be terminated from the cover, if you place a request, strop payment of premium, and end your title of Medicare payment.

Disabled Individual

People with disabilities and is entitled to rail road benefits or the social security benefits on the mandate disability will automatically qualify for this cover.

Those who are not insured in the disability benefits will be insured in order to get the benefits. This will not only include the work but also the window, or child to the deceased, retired or disabled worked, if they get disability, they are eligible to get the right medical cover under Medicaid.

End Stage Renal Disease

People who qualify for part A and they undergone regular session of dialysis or have undergone a kidney transplant can fill an application in order to qualify for the cover.

However, one needs to have worked as a government employee, or have contributed the correct amount under social security, or are eligible for railroad retirement benefits or social security benefits.