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Dental Coverage Under Medicare General Information Guidelines & FAQs Updated March 2018

Medicare considers dental services as an important part of citizens’ overall health and wellness. This is why it gives priority in making sure that people are given proper care and treatment when it comes to their dental needs.

The Medicare General Information Guidelines & FAQs Updated June 2015 gives emphasis and has improved to dental benefits and coverage.

Background of Medicare Dental Coverage

The dental treatment has been included as a part of the initial Medicare since the inception of the healthcare program. In including dental benefits, the Congress did not put limitation for the dental services – compared to other healthcare services such as foot care. Instead, the law makers widen the coverage as much as possible to ensure a healthy dental for all eligible members and individuals.

Medicare Dental Coverage

Dental care is one of the Medicare services with widest coverage. It covers even the most complicated procedures including jaw reconstruction after an accident. Complex procedures also include radiation treatment for neoplastic diseases that often involves the jaw.

Medicare will answer to some dental services if it has been proven that they are needed for the protection of your overall health condition.

What Medicare Will Pay For?

  • Medicare will pay for your dental expenses if you will undergo kidney transplant or a heart valve replacement and you need your teeth in good condition prior to the transplant.
  • It will cover your dental fees if you are suffering from a disease that involves the jaw, such as oral cancer and you need dental services for the radiation treatment.
  • It will also cover the expenses for dental if you need tumor removed from your face and it involves jaw reconstruction and if you need dental splints that occurred after a jaw surgery.

Another coverage for dental care is the payment for oral examinations. However, the treatment will not be covered previousto a kidney transplantor heart valve replacement, under certain circumstances.

Every member should know that dental coverage is not determined by the value or the necessity of the dental care that needs to be done but by the type of service provided. It is also based on the anatomical structure that needs to be performed for the member.

What Medicare Doesn’t Cover?

  • Follow-up dental care after the primary health condition has been treated.
  • Payment for dentures
  • Dental supplies, like cleanings and fillings
  • Tooth extractions
  • Dental plates